• Increase tyre life.
  • Eliminate tyre vibration.
  • No weights to corrode or damage expensive rims.
  • No rebalancing required.
  • Re-usable, won’t grind down.


I purchased this product almost a year ago after some information exchange with you about balancing motorcycle tyres. I tried find what other riders thought by mentioning the product on the VTX forum; where, unhappily, most derided me for even suggesting balancing beads. Well, now almost a year later with 14,000 additional miles on my tyres, I can say that I feel vindicated because I have received a true value by using these ceramic beads. My last set of tyres began cupping around three thousand miles of wear, and was replaced at 8,000 miles. The current tyres have 14,000 miles, and no cupping! You were very helpful and pleasant to talk to, but the real reward was in the way your product actually performed. My next purchase will be for my truck, then my wife's car! Thanks!