dynabeads on roll royce

Thank you for your help and advice regarding the Dyna Beads.

I've installed the dyna beads on my 1929 Rolls-Royce 20/25 (19" dia.) tyres with no problem whatsoever and it is a complete success. I have no hesitation in recommending this product. Your quick efficient service is much appreciated.

Ken Old

Hello I just wanted to say the Dyna Beads have worked perfectly on my SAAB 96 V4 155 x 15 tyres giving a super smooth drive. The SAAB wheels are not the easiest to balance conventionally.

I highly recommend them.

Rene - North Allerton

Finally eased in three ounces of Dyna Beads in both front tyres of our old 1929 Austin 16/6 Burnham saloon.

With a few trial runs and a bit of tweaking of the front dampers, I have to say, there was a big improvement in vehicle vibration - hardly any.

Wheel wobble seemed to be right down. Where it used to wobble moving up to speed and on going down hill, it was a smooth move up and no wobble going down hill.

Will review how it goes, as to whether we add any more, as we have a spare pack. We can then work out what is needed for the remaining wheels.

A few photos attached.

Thanks for your help.

1929 Austin 16/6 Burnham Saloon

1929 Austin 16/6 Burnham Saloon

Mike Bassett - 1929 Austin 16/6 Burnham Saloon

Just some feedback - the Dyna Beads have worked brilliantly!! the bike was fantastically smooth and with one unexpected result.

I've had the bike over ten years, and through umpteen tyre changes and balancings, the right hand mirror has always started to vibrate above about 35/40 mph rendering it useless after about 45/50 (the left hand mirror has always been perfectly stable) over the years I've tried all sorts to rectify this, moving the mirror back and forwards a bit, in and out on the handlebars, twisting the bars back/forwards, I even got a replacement mirror as I thought it might be some kind of manufacturing defect, but the new one was as bad!

I eventually put it down to the inherent vibrations of a twin cylinder engine (R1150GS) well guess what! After the addition of the Dyna Beads the mirror is now completely stable right up to motorway speeds. I never thought of it being a balancing issue as it has perpetuated through numerous tyre changes/balancings and the left mirror was always un-affected the whole time!! Bizzare!!

Anyway very happy with the results and will definitely be using them all the time from now on!!

Phils Bike

Phil Hargreaves

Thanks again for getting the Dyna Beads sent off in time.

All fitted and working great in the Land Rover Defender 110.

I posted a comment on the 'Positive feedback on suppliers' thread over at defender2.net

Andrew Ogg

Many thanks for your help and advice regarding the use of Dyna Beads in my Sonex light plane tyres.

I had been suffering severe wheel vibration on take off, and to a lesser extent on landing. Following your guidance, I added half an ounce of Dyna Beads to each tyre and am delighted to say that the problem is completely cured.

One happy customer!

Rob Chatterton

Have ordered Dyna Beads a couple of times from you and thank you for good service, for the goods being sent away immediately.

Last time you asked for a picture of my Suzuki Hayabusa, so here it is.


Have a great summer!

Ole-Kristian, Norway

Purchased some beads for my Chevrolet Silverado (175/65r16) about 6 months ago.

Installed them only recently and have to say just wow, these work way better than I was expecting. It now rides like a brand new truck.

I'll now be using them in all my vehicles as I couldn't be happier with the result.

Martin, Sutton Coldfield West Midlands.

Thanks Colin,

I tried the Dyna Beads initially a few years ago for my Harley front wheel wobble rather than the ugly weights and bingo perfect, then had a serious wheel balance problem on a Mercedes tri axle coach with Aclco wheels fitted with standard balancing with weights was never successful.

After remembering the Harley cure and a chat with you finding a different product you had (Fleet Dyna Beads) and once again the vibration was cured and no travelling 100 miles to have weights fitted every few months or after a new tyre change. I am now back for a kit for my Harley Deluxe running on new 16" Avons.

I am sure I'll be back again in the near future to purchase again.

Paul Anderson

Saw the Dyna Beads in America when on holiday a few years back. My bike Honda VFR750 needed new tyres and it seemed like a good time to get some as I don't particularly like wheel weights.

Fitted new tyres and installed beads after. The best thing is you don't actually know they are there, but they just work. No vibrations whatsoever. So went and bought enough for all 4 wheels on my wife's Nissan Pathfinder. Again easy to install and no ugly wheel weights. Also customer service is great and always nice to deal with Colin.

Steve Upton

Thanks for a great service, received my Dyna Bead Kit 3 at lunch time and installed

Martin. Leicester

I run a reliant scimitar GTE to which I have fitted mk2 Jaguar wire wheels and hubs . I have had the wheels balanced using lead weights several times and couldn't get rid of the wheel tremor around 65 - 70 mph and assumed it must be the hubs out of balance.


I came to the conclusion that I would need hub and wheel balanced at the same time which was common when I was a teenager but only found one guy in oxford that could do it and he wanted over £100. Then a biker friend of mine asked if I had tried Dyna Beads. I thought it worth a try and sent for two 3 oz packs and an applicator.

It was simple enough to add to the wheel but on first attempt it was worse than without the beads. I left it some time and then saw an experiment on u tube showing how it worked on an out of balance plastic bottle, which was impressive and I started to think I didn't have enough bead in each wheel. I then read an article saying you needed to remove the old lead weights off the wheel for the dyna beads to work. On removing the lead weights it totally transformed the car from something that was hardly bearable to a car that drove like a new one.

Well done Dyna Beads

Eric Lewis - MBS Super League Ltd

Heritage Softail

I put Dyna Beads into my Heritage Softail tyres as I did not want ugly wheel weights on the rims of my 9 spoke chrome alloys. I just have to say they are absolutely brilliant, rides like it is on glass, I cannot recommend them strongly enough - easy to put in too!

Phil from Wakefield

Just a quick e-mail to say I have been using Dynabeads in a number of motorcycles for the past 8 or 9 years, mainly Harleys and classic Honda 750 Fours (Tubed and tubeless tyres). I have seen many reports claiming they can't work but I have to say in my experience they do work.

I can not comment on how or why they work as my physics qualifications are sadly lacking. All I would say is I have no wheel weights on any of my bikes and they all ride as smooth as silk. I have changed tyres several times and I am sure I can not always have had perfectly balanced tyres out of the shop. On one occasion I inadvertently mounted a tyre and did not line the weight mark with the valve as should be done, with the dynabeads the bike still rode perfectly.

I would recommend you ignore the many arguments on the internet whether they do or don't work and try them for yourselves. It is a small investment and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised how well they work.

I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to motorcycles and just the fact I have no ugly wheel weights and a perfectly smooth ride is justification enough to give them a try.

Jon Dodd - Torquay

I bought some beads earlier this year for my Citroen DS on 180 x R15. Ver pleased with the effect. It wasn't bad before, but the ride is noticeably smoother.

citroen with Dyna Beads fitted

Richard Madin

We spoke twice on the phone regarding my 19 inch vintage spare car wheels fitted to my 1934 Talbot 105.

Thank you for your advice, particularly the recommendation that one does not need to remove the inner tubes but that the valve on the deflated wheel needs to be at the 3 o'clock position. It worked well.

I have done 6000 miles on the front wheels which have had 'Dyna Beads' installed for that time, and it certainly reduced wheel vibration at 60 MPH. I particularly like the fact that the 'Dyna Beads' take account of any imbalance on the large diameter brake drums as well as the wheel.

To-day I wanted to install 'Dyna Beads' in the two spare wheels, and with your help I have completed that task.

Again, thanks for all your friendly advice.

Robert May

A couple of years ago we changed the wheels on our Ford F150 pick up truck to 26" Giovanni's. Due to the wheels being so heavy, we were having problems with balancing which was causing a slight vibration through the steering

We came across Dyna Beads and after discussing the problem with them, they recommended the correct amount/weight for our tyres and it seemed to solve the problem.

We were so pleased with the result that we have now ordered a second set of Dyna Beads to replace original set after we changed the tyres.

We highly recommend the use of Dyna Beads and would always use them now.

Paul and Jayne Jones

CVO Breakout Harley Davidson had shed some of its sticky weights off the rear rim less than 800 miles on the clock.

Had used Dynabeads to great effect on a Land Rover Defender with large tyres historically.

Ordered the beads, delivered the next day.


Despite having inner tubes fitted I carefully drilled the valve stems out as instructed without removing the tube/tyre from the rim with the stems at the 12 o'clock position to allow any debris to come out. Half an hour job done!

Smooth ride with no issues whatsoever. Still a damn sight cheaper than having the wheels removed and rebalanced just for the weights to go AWOL again.

Thank you.

Mal Wilson

Sometime ago , 3 years or so, you supplied me with dynabeads form 1930 Talbot. In the period since then they have behaved as expected and I have been entirely satisfied with them. I am now about to replace the tyres and tubes because of their age. How can I remove the beads from the old inner tubes without destroying tube or beads so I can reuse them in the new tubes?

Hi Gordon
It is good to hear you have run the Talbot for 3 years on the Dyna Beads. The easiest way is to cut the tubes & carefully pour the Dyna Beads into a container & then weigh the correct amount into a Dyna Bead dispenser bottle & fill the tube before you install it in the tyre. Don't forget to run a 1/8" drill bit down the valve stem before installing the Dyna Beads.

Dyna Beads UK

Gordon Higginbotham

Well I went to the tire fitters and had bought 6 new 255/85/R16 BFG Mud Terrains and told the guys there I wanted to pour the Dyna Beads into the tires, well talk about take the mick even the manager said no way will it work!


Well when they where fitted I had the last laugh the Defender is bang on smooth. A fantastic product & I have been all over Europe and can't fault them.

Richard R

Many many thanks for your excellent service. Your speed and helpfulness is second to none. Also really appreciate the time you gave for our telephone conversation and the speed in which the dynabeads were delivered.

Attached is a picture of the 265/75r16 special tracks fitted to my discovery with 3" suspension lift. With the 6oz of dynabeads installed in each tyre. And no wheel weights in sight.

After having the first tyre fitted to a rim and putting it on the balancing machine the tyre needed 205 grams of weight on one side.Which made me wonder if the dynabeads would even work. So the tyre bead was broken and the dynabeads were dropped in. We then proceeded to fit the other 3 tyres with dynabeads.

On the drive home it was incredible to find I had no balancing issues whatsoever. No vibration, no wobbles, nothing.

The car drove the smoothest it ever has. I was extremely surprised the dynabeads worked this well and will certainly be using them again in future.

The speed and service was absolutely fantastic! I would highly recommend you to anybody.

Robert Henderson

I used the Dyna Beads in my Kawasaki ZX12R up to 165mph (not on public roads) & I can honestly say I have never had a bike run so smoothly, they are quite unbelievable, just re-ordering now for my Harley Dyna twin Cam. Five star recommendation.

Colin Jameson

Absolutely fantastic!

I had an imbalance on my Harley Dyna FXDC 2007 after fitting a new Shinko 777 white wall on the rear, it was really quite bad. I used the Dyna Beads in both tyres & the difference they have made is night & day, really pleased would recommend.

Mick Pritchard

Further to our telephone discussion yesterday and your recommendations that I remove the existing balance weights, my wheel balancing problem has completely gone.

So far I had the wheels balanced three times, swapped the front to the back, bought 4 new tyres, changed the ball joints, tie rod ends and replaced all the suspension bushes at the front with Polyurethane (something I was doing anyway), adjusted the front right wheel bearing, checked the steering rack and generally despaired. Finally I managed to swap the front wheels with another Stag owner nearby and proved that this was definitely a wheel/tyre problem. This seemed to confirm the various comments I have read about stud holes in original Stag alloys being poorly located.


After our discussion yesterday, however, I removed 110gms from the front right and 60 gms from the front left wheel. I wish I taken them off when I put the dynabeads in as it would have saved a lot of trouble! I now have a smooth ride without the prospect of having to replace the wheels.

The other huge bonus? I had a persistent pull to the left at motorway speed. This has gone completely. Stunning!

Thanks very much for the dynabeads and especially for the time your spent discussing the problem with me yesterday.

Quentin Hulm

I first came across Dyna Beads at a vintage motorcycle event. I was intrigued enough to pick up a brochure, but I was not really enthusiastic enough about it to take the time to read it for a couple of weeks ... but I'm glad I did.

I haven't tried them on a motorcycle yet, due to the fact that my machines are currently off the road (general inertia getting in the way, as usual), but now being impatient to see if Dyna Beads do what is claimed for them, I tried them on my car ... and yes, they do. They really do. Super smooth. The car feels, well ... classier; due to the fact that it's as smooth as silk on the road.

Installing the beads couldn't be easier either. Balancing wheels conventionally is fine, but you have to consider two things. Firstly, you've got to get it right (it's often done badly ... really often), and secondly you have to keep doing it as normal usage 'un'-balances them.

Dyna Beads solves both those issues in one fell swoop. They re-balance from scratch every time you pull away. So, as far as I can see, it's a no brainer (awful expression - sorry). I should also mention that I now confidently expect the tyres to last longer. Indeed, they have been on the car for long enough now to indicate that they will indeed do so.

Lastly, they are not a disposable item. When you do come to buy new tyres, you can use them again - happy days.

Dyna Beads Testimonial Dyna Beads Testimonial

1) A manky pre-restored wheel. 2) A wheel in my shed in the middle of some TLC.

Dyna Beads Dyna Beads

3) A finished wheel on the car with Dyna Beads inside it ... but I couldn't think how to show that!
4) The car all beaded up.

Anthony Witcombe

Good results from recent application in Mercedes G-Wagen all weather tyres.

Chris at Mcpheat Automotive

The Dyna Beads have been a big success. They have eliminated the vibration that has spoilt what otherwise is a really nice vehicle to drive and yes it is my own personal transport! I will be using & recommending the product in the future.

(Nigel has a Sangyong Rexton with 275 x 45 x R20 tyres that were continualy shaking & vibrating at 65/70mph. He had to drive at 60mph to avoid the problem before installing Dyna Beads.)

McFarland Auto's Belfast

Those Dyna Beads rock! The new tires with those make the heritage ride like its on a cloud! Thank you so much!

Phil Prince

Received first thing this morning, very impressed with the service.

It looks a good bit of kit, there is cheaper similar dryers out there but I can't see them matching this for quality.

Will check with you for anything bike related when I need anything.

A very happy customer.


Installed the Dyna Beads today to the front 175 x 65 x 15" car tyre on my Goldwing Trike, we were opposite you at the Stafford Motorcycle Mechanics show.

Install went straight forward and very impressed with the transformation, I took it well over speed limit on the motorway and no tremour or noise which we were experiencing before.

Will definitely recommend to friends and when out with the NABD information stand.

Alan Mills

I ordered a set of beads to cure my Landrover running on 265/75R16 tyres together with the applicator.... within an hour the phone rang, as I had selected the larger beads by mistake! Luckily the Dyna Beads team were on the ball....

I got them fitted today, borrowing the air line at work... and my drive home was noticeably smoother... to many thanks to Dyna Beads.

... as a fitting tip, I removed the blades from a set of hair clippers, and used the vibration to feed the beads through the valve stem... worked really well, took just 5 minutes per wheel while they were still on the vehicle!

Many thanks.


The Beads really do their job as advertised, both for the Citroen C5 and the Sym Fiddle.

The C5 now really runs as smooth as a Hydractive equipped car should run, very pleasing! The Fiddle lost a great deal of vibration, especially from the rear whell - cheap original tyre; front is Pirelli, but still.

For both vehicles now holds, if there is vibration on the steering, it is the ROAD, not the Tyres.


I had a terrible wheel vibration on my Toyota Hilux at between 65 and 70 mph and tried to have them balance on several occasions but to no avail, then I tried Dyna Beads and the vibration disappeared, so I am using them again on my new set of wheels!!

Simon Clark-Leggatt

I ordered a set of beads to cure my Landrover running on 265/75R16 tyres together with the applicator... within an hour the phone rang, as I had selected the larger beads by mistake! Luckily the Dyna Beads team were on the ball...

I got them fitted today, borrowing the air line at work... and my drive home was noticeably smoother... to many thanks to Dyna Beads.

... as a fitting tip, I removed the blades from a set of hair clippers, and used the vibration to feed the beads through the valve stem... worked really well, took just 5 minutes per wheel while they were still on the vehicle!

Many thanks.

Richard Goldsmith

I ordered a set of beads to cure my Landrover running on 265/75R16 tyres together with the applicator.... within an hour the phone rang, as I had selected the larger beads by mistake! Luckily the Dyna Beads team were on the ball....

I got them fitted today, borrowing the air line at work... and my drive home was noticeably smoother... to many thanks to Dyna Beads.

... as a fitting tip, I removed the blades from a set of hair clippers, and used the vibration to feed the beads through the valve stem... worked really well, took just 5 minutes per wheel while they were still on the vehicle!

Many thanks.


Thank you! Always the best.

Denis Tosoni


Just wanted to follow up my experience of Dynabeads on my Honda Pan European ST1100.

I fitted them when replacing the tyres that came with the bike when I bought it. As I fit my own tyres and do my own balancing anything that makes this easier is a bonus. I found installing the beads very easy via the valve stem using the applicator supplied. Once installed they really are a fit and forget item!

The ride was smooth from the outset and the tyres not only wore more evenly, the life was extended. I was always very fussy about tyre balancing and using traditional weights had experienced some uneven wear. Using Dynabeads the biggest difference was the ride was so smooth throughout the speed range, the extra mileage was also a great bonus! Members of a forum I frequent have also reported how easy it is to install the beads, making the choice to fit their own tyres so much easier!

With regard to roadside punctures and their effect on the beads, I had two punctures and used wiggly worm repairs with extra glue to seal the repair. After allowing time for the repair glue to set, around 5-10 minutes the beads were just as effective in maintaining a smooth ride for the remaining life of the tyre. On removing the tyres at the end of their life I use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the beads after breaking one tyre bead, this allowed me to recycle the beads at least twice.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dynabeads for use in motorcycle tyres, even if you don't fit your own, in my experience they definitely provide a smoother ride and improve tyre mileage.

Les Bishop

Hi just to let you know I have just had both New tyres fitted to my Thunderbird 1600 and have put in the Dyna Beads and its great smooth as a babies bum and no more stick on weights on my chrome wheels. What more could I ask for.

Great bit of kit from now on will be fitting to all my new tyres.

Iain Haddow

I installed a 4oz pack of Dyna Beads to each of the 6 tyres of my Mercedes 413 CDI Minicoach.(twin wheel rear axle) in February 2012.

I had been experiencing some vibration through the floor of the coach- not excessive but not acceptable for the customers sitting in the rear. I did the work myself- using the applicator provided - and put the Dyna Beads into the tyres through the tyre valve (after removing the valve mechanism).

Since that time the vehicle has been transformed to the way it used to run - really smooth with no vibration at all. I did no other preparation to the wheels - if there were balance weights on I left them on.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product as it does work and I have had no problems since the beads were installed.

Brian Sullivan

Fitted Dyna Beads to my two motorcycles - new tyres on the fronts and poured the beads into the rears existing tyres. One bike was silky smooth, anyway, and I havent felt anything change since removing a total of 55g of rim weights - so I figured the beads must be working.

The other bike had rear wheel balance issues at about 70-80mph and thats completely gone, Im happy to say. A convert!!! Thanks.

Mick Bury

Thank you, the parcel arrived safe and well. One delighted husband, one contented Bentley!p>


Being somewhat skeptical, I marked the placement of my previous weights on the tyres just in case the beads were a bust. They worked like a champ. NO bar vibration at all. I was really happy to have something that worked just as it promised.

Cliff Yankovich - BMW Owners Magazine

Everyone was a little nervous about the beads...in fact my tech refused not to balance and weight the tyre/mount first. So, I took it for a ride, and was very smooth. Then, I took off the weights (when the tech wasn't looking), and rode again. Very smooth, as predicted. Thanks for a great product.

Bill Wilson

Just received your product and have installed the beads in a custom Ultra Groundpounder motorcycle tyres. I never thought this bike could ride this good, 70+ with no vibration. I wasn’t sure about your product but I am now. Thanks,

Gary - Big Daddy Customs

I have two motorcycles with the beads in! I must say I have never road a bike with tyres so smooth!!! Thanks for your product!!!!


I bought your balancing beads with a certain amount of reservation, so I was amazed and surprised at how well they really do work. I put them in the front tyre of my 16", 150cc motor scooter and it really smoothed out the rough spots of the ride. It's rare to find a product that performs as advertised but yours is one of the best. Congratulations! Be well,


Installed them in my Fat Boy this morning, removed the existing weights 1 1/4 oz. on rear and 3/4 oz. on front. Wow, what a difference!!! …So easy

Jim Habdas

Fantastic! I ordered the motorcycle kit even though I had one tube with a 90 degree valve stem. I removed existing weights and discarded them. … The resulting smooth ride is wonderful! I am a convert and promoter to all of my motorcycling friends! Thanks for a great product.

Diehl Unger

Just wanted to let you know that I used your beads in my motorcycle tyres when I ran it at the Bonneville Salt Flats last month during the Speed Trials and recorded a speed of 157.551 mph.

Julian B. Robert

Thanks for your terrific product! ... My trucks and Harleys are super slick!

Scott, Piedmont Robert

I've got it in three bikes already. It works and I can't really understand it, but I am recommending it to fellow club members. Terry Used Dyna Beads in my new motorcycle tyres and was amazed at how well they work! Not a single issue at speeds up to 120mph! By the way thanks for answering all the questions I hit you with when I called to inquire about this product!

Lenny B. Robert

Got the two 1oz packets today for the scooter. What a difference it made. Rides like on glass now. And, the good part is that it will never go out of balance for the life of the tyre. No more loosing weights in potholes. Thanks.


I ordered Dyna Beads my ’03 Honda VFR after I saw them mentioned on www.vfrdiscussion.com and I’m extremely pleased with the results! I recently installed new tyres and painted and polished my wheels, I didn’t want to ruin the paint on the wheels with clip-on or stick-on wheel weights and this seemed like a perfect solution. I rode it for about a week with no weights at all and I had a very noticeable ‘droning buzz’ anywhere above 75 mph, after I installed Dyna Beads the vibrations were completely gone at any speeds. Now it’s very smooth, a huge improvement! ... Great product! I’m going to recommend it to all my motorcycle friends. Thanks


I received my order on Saturday. I took my wheel and new tyre over to where a friend works and he installed my new tyre. Since I have 90 degree valve stems...we just poured the beads in....Anyway....got the wheel back together and back on the bike and took her out for a test run....This bike has never been so smooth!!! On my test run...I took it to 120mph and it was like riding on a sheet of glass....THANK YOU so much for a GREAT product....

Sincerely Mike K.

I purchased this product almost a year ago after some information exchange with you about balancing motorcycle tyres. I tried find what other riders thought by mentioning the product on the VTX forum; where, unhappily, most derided me for even suggesting balancing beads. Well, now almost a year later with 14,000 additional miles on my tyres, I can say that I feel vindicated because I have received a true value by using these ceramic beads. My last set of tyres began cupping around three thousand miles of wear, and was replaced at 8,000 miles. The current tyres have 14,000 miles, and no cupping! You were very helpful and pleasant to talk to, but the real reward was in the way your product actually performed. My next purchase will be for my truck, then my wife's car! Thanks!


I just want to say how amazed I am with the Dyna Beads I purchased recently.

After working in the motor trade for over 20 years I was more than sceptical about the beads when I read about them. As it was just a small investment I thought I had nothing to lose, well what I got was every thing to win. These are the best thing is have ever fitted to a motorbike. The result is just stunning. I run a BMW 1200GT 2007 model and do around 700 miles a week commuting and to London and back. Since fitting the beads I now have absolutely zero vibration at any speed.

The Dyna beads worked straight out the pack and were really easy to fit. To be honest it was harder to get the old weights off the wheels than to get the beads in. At long last I don’t need to leave my rims, sorry to say, with tyre fitters who are less than careful with my lovely rims.

Long live the Dyna Beads. They are amazing!

John Adams