Question: How does your product work with plugs or patches?

We have not tested this theory on repaired tyres using plugs, because running a motorcycle tyre with a plug is considered dangerous, and is considered as such by all the major motorcycle tyre manufacturers. Any tyre that has a blowout, puncture or nail should be replaced, not repaired. A quick check with a couple of our largest dealers also confirms this safety issue, and they refuse to plug or patch any motorcycle tyre for any customer because of the potential hazard.

Question: I’m broke down and had to install a plug, so what do I do now?

You should ride at a greatly reduced speed until you get to a shop where the tyre can be replaced. Because of the possibility of some glue surrounding the plug, and the interference of the plug inside the tyre with the beads, you may encounter some imbalance vibration. However, the dealers contacted consider riding with a patched tyre to be far more hazardous than riding with an out of balance tyre. In their opinion, a patch should be considered an emergency repair, which requires riding at a reduced speed until such time that a new tyre can be installed. Your original puncture was actually made bigger by shoving in the repair tool and plug, and while it may hold air, the tyre belts have been permanently damaged.