• Increase tyre life.
  • Eliminate tyre vibration.
  • No weights to corrode or damage expensive rims.
  • No rebalancing required.
  • Re-usable, won’t grind down.


I ordered Dyna Beads my ’03 Honda VFR after I saw them mentioned on www.vfrdiscussion.com and I’m extremely pleased with the results! I recently installed new tyres and painted and polished my wheels, I didn’t want to ruin the paint on the wheels with clip-on or stick-on wheel weights and this seemed like a perfect solution. I rode it for about a week with no weights at all and I had a very noticeable ‘droning buzz’ anywhere above 75 mph, after I installed Dyna Beads the vibrations were completely gone at any speeds. Now it’s very smooth, a huge improvement! ... Great product! I’m going to recommend it to all my motorcycle friends. Thanks