• Increase tyre life.
  • Eliminate tyre vibration.
  • No weights to corrode or damage expensive rims.
  • No rebalancing required.
  • Re-usable, won’t grind down.


Many many thanks for your excellent service. Your speed and helpfulness is second to none. Also really appreciate the time you gave for our telephone conversation and the speed in which the dynabeads were delivered.

Attached is a picture of the 265/75r16 special tracks fitted to my discovery with 3" suspension lift. With the 6oz of dynabeads installed in each tyre. And no wheel weights in sight.

After having the first tyre fitted to a rim and putting it on the balancing machine the tyre needed 205 grams of weight on one side.Which made me wonder if the dynabeads would even work. So the tyre bead was broken and the dynabeads were dropped in. We then proceeded to fit the other 3 tyres with dynabeads.

On the drive home it was incredible to find I had no balancing issues whatsoever. No vibration, no wobbles, nothing.

The car drove the smoothest it ever has. I was extremely surprised the dynabeads worked this well and will certainly be using them again in future.

The speed and service was absolutely fantastic! I would highly recommend you to anybody.

Robert Henderson