• Increase tyre life.
  • Eliminate tyre vibration.
  • No weights to corrode or damage expensive rims.
  • No rebalancing required.
  • Re-usable, won’t grind down.


Just a quick e-mail to say I have been using Dynabeads in a number of motorcycles for the past 8 or 9 years, mainly Harleys and classic Honda 750 Fours (Tubed and tubeless tyres). I have seen many reports claiming they can't work but I have to say in my experience they do work.

I can not comment on how or why they work as my physics qualifications are sadly lacking. All I would say is I have no wheel weights on any of my bikes and they all ride as smooth as silk. I have changed tyres several times and I am sure I can not always have had perfectly balanced tyres out of the shop. On one occasion I inadvertently mounted a tyre and did not line the weight mark with the valve as should be done, with the dynabeads the bike still rode perfectly.

I would recommend you ignore the many arguments on the internet whether they do or don't work and try them for yourselves. It is a small investment and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised how well they work.

I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to motorcycles and just the fact I have no ugly wheel weights and a perfectly smooth ride is justification enough to give them a try.

Jon Dodd - Torquay