• Increase tyre life.
  • Eliminate tyre vibration.
  • No weights to corrode or damage expensive rims.
  • No rebalancing required.
  • Re-usable, won’t grind down.


Further to our telephone discussion yesterday and your recommendations that I remove the existing balance weights, my wheel balancing problem has completely gone.

So far I had the wheels balanced three times, swapped the front to the back, bought 4 new tyres, changed the ball joints, tie rod ends and replaced all the suspension bushes at the front with Polyurethane (something I was doing anyway), adjusted the front right wheel bearing, checked the steering rack and generally despaired. Finally I managed to swap the front wheels with another Stag owner nearby and proved that this was definitely a wheel/tyre problem. This seemed to confirm the various comments I have read about stud holes in original Stag alloys being poorly located.


After our discussion yesterday, however, I removed 110gms from the front right and 60 gms from the front left wheel. I wish I taken them off when I put the dynabeads in as it would have saved a lot of trouble! I now have a smooth ride without the prospect of having to replace the wheels.

The other huge bonus? I had a persistent pull to the left at motorway speed. This has gone completely. Stunning!

Thanks very much for the dynabeads and especially for the time your spent discussing the problem with me yesterday.

Quentin Hulm