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Dyna Beads Work A Treat!

Dyna BEadsAnthony had his 4 tyre/wheel 55 profile assemblies conventionally balanced & then used a 3oz maintenance pack of Dyna Beads, thru the valve in each tyre/wheel assembly & had the following to say:

I first came across Dyna Beads at a vintage motorcycle event. I was intrigued enough to pick up a brochure, but I was not really enthusiastic enough about it to take the time to read it for a couple of weeks … but I’m glad I did.   I haven’t tried them on a motorcycle yet, due to the fact that my machines are currently off the road (general inertia getting in the way, as usual), but now being impatient to see if Dyna Beads do what is claimed for them, I tried them on my car … and yes, they do.  They really  do.  Super smooth.

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